‘MLB The Show 19’ Needs To Add 2 Features To Improve Its Franchise Mode

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The MLB The Show series has been one of my favorites for more than a decade because of its consistency, and accurate representation of baseball. Admiration aside, The Show’s good franchise mode can graduate to great with the addition of two features.

Franchise Rebranding/Create-A-Team

Fans create their teams in Diamond Dynasty, and it’s a blast to see some of the uniforms the community creates when you matchup in online games. That same freedom should be allowed in franchise mode. If I wanted to rebrand the Chicago Cubs or any other team in the major leagues, I should be able to do that in the confines of my own home.

One of the reasons NBA 2K’s MyLeague and MyGM are the cream of the crop when it comes to franchise modes is the level of customization. 2K gives fans a complete sandbox to work with from the rosters, to uniforms, arenas, and logos.

Having that same depth would lead to more firmly invested players. If you spend time creating a team, or certain aspects of it, from scratch, you’re probably going to stick to the season a little longer. Also, since The Show introduced carryover saves (a feature every sports video game series should adopt) the alterations you make should transition from previous versions too.


Am I the only one fighting for this flag? I know that’s not the case because I’ve seen it requested by others in a variety of forums.

I’ve been pushing for Sony San Diego Studios to add this feature into the game, but it still hasn’t made it in. Many other sports titles allow fans to create stadiums or arenas, and I realize for those games, it’s merely a cosmetic feature. For The Show or any baseball gamethe ballpark dimensions affect gameplay. That’s precisely why it needs to be in the game.

If you were able to redesign an existing stadium or build one from scratch, similar to what you could do with MVP Baseball 2005, it would add another layer of ownership in franchise mode.

Ideally, you could make every team a new ballpark with complete rebranding. This concept might sound excessive to some, but with other sports games offering expansion, rebranding and other customization options in franchise mode, The Show seems to have fallen a bit behind.

MLB The Show 19 releases exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 26. Hopefully, Sony will add one of these features to bring the mode up to genre standards.

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