News And Notes From Thursday At The 2019 NFL Combine

–Over on the side tables, away from the podiums, Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien answered questions. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Brett is the nephew of Redskins Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien, the last quarterback to win a championship for Washington. Brett doesn’t see too many similarities in his style of play with his uncle, only to be expected for a nearly 30-year difference.

“Obviously I’ve watched a lot of film, seeing my uncle on some old tapes I’ve got at home,” he said. “You know, he kind of got me into football, watching him play in the Super Bowl in ‘91 was a really cool thing for me. Something that I’ve always strived to do since that point, watching that. As far as me modeling my game after him, I think it’s a very different time. You know, it’s obviously a very different game. I’m not going to be doing a whole lot of straight drop back, nine step drops, back-pedal style drops like they were doing back in the day. But, obviously, he threw a great deep ball, so that’s something I try to implement in my game.”

–With left guard a top priority for the Redskins this offseason, former Alabama guard Ross Pierschbacher could provide a championship pedigree to the Washington line saying “At the end of the day to win, it comes down to the team that makes the most plays. [At Alabama] We just kept fighting, we never gave up, and we just believed in each other every Saturday.”

–Fighting is something former Georgia Bulldog back Elijah Holyfield, son of boxing great Evander, is all too familiar with. However, his patience at the line before attacking his opponent is something he has predicated his game on. “I like to press the line with patience. I see them out there, and I like my chances a lot of those times one on one when I bounce it outside.” Holyfield continued. “I just like to ball.”

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