Thon Maker targeted by vile NBA-related tweet

Thon Maker should be celebrating a dominant performance with his new team the Detroit Pistons, after they beat the Washington Wizards 121-112 and he delivered an emphatic statement by blocking Wizards forward Bobby Portis at the rim.

Instead he became the target of ridicule by US outlet Bar Stool Sports for the physical block, which left the Australian bloody and in need of stitches.

Maker showed incredible toughness to challenge a flying Portis at the rim and block the shot but all he got from Bar Stool was an unsavoury and sexist joke, which featured on both their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Twitter users reacted negatively to the tweet with many calling for Bar Stool to take it down but whether they will remains doubtful given their penchant for attracting controversy.

Just last week Bar Stool Sports boss Dave Portnoy was detained at the Super Bowl for creating fake passes to a press event in the lead-up.

As for Maker he had 5 points and 4 rebounds in his 14 minutes of game time as the Pistons were led to their nine-point victory over the Wizards by 32 points and 17 boards from centre Andre Drummond.

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