UFC Star Mark Hunt Reveals Uncle Slain In Christchurch Shooting

Kiwi mixed martial artist Mark Hunt has revealed that one of his family relatives was tragically caught up in last week’s horrible events in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The UFC star took to Facebook earlier to post a video of a well-wisher reading aloud an inspirational piece of text, whilst at the same time announcing that his uncle had been killed in the atrocity.

50 people were killed and a further fifty more injured when a gunman opened fire on two separate mosques in the South Island city, minutes apart, during Friday prayer last week.

Those who perished ranged in age from toddlers to pensioners, with the youngest victim only 2-years-old.

Living in Auckland, the 44-year-old former UFC Heavyweight Champion contender travelled to Christchurch after news broke of the shooting.

It’s the latest in a series of tough life events the ‘Super Samoan’ has had to overcome.

In a 2015 interview, Hunt revealed that his childhood was blighted at the hands of an abusive father.

My old man was ruthless. He terrorised us. He’d start with the mental games before he even found the implements to hit us with. He once tied me up in the garage with my hands above my head and beat me with a frigging broom handle. I got away and my brothers came after me. They said fucking get back there or we’re all gonna get it.

The superstar also did two stints in prison as a teenager, as well as developing gambling, alcohol and drug addictions later in life.

His brother John took his own life in December 2014.

Hunt’s UFC contract came to an end after losing via unanimous decision to Justin Willis at UFC Fight Night 142 in Adelaide, Australia at the end of last year, but the New Zealander reportedly wishes to continue in the fight game.

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