Why the Golden State Warriors are called the ‘Warriors’

Yesterday we learned about the hidden meaning behind the Portland Trail Blazers’ unique logo.

Now it’s time to figure out something about the Golden State Warriors, specifically why they’re called the ‘Warriors.’

The nicknames for the other teams still alive – Celtics, 76ers, Rockets, Nuggets, Trail Blazers (kind of), and Raptors (OK, not really) are easy to figure out.

But why Warriors for Golden State? It’s a nickname we’ve heard a lot of over the years but I’ve had no idea why or how they got it.

So I did some investigative reporting.


When Philadelphia was awarded a charter NBA franchise in 1946, the owners decided to name the team after an old Philadelphia basketball team, the Warriors, who played as members of the American Basketball League in 1925.

The team became the San Francisco Warriors after they relocated to the West Coast in 1962, and changed its name to the Golden State Warriors—symbolizing a team belonging to all of California, the Golden State — upon settling into a new home in Oakland in 1971.

Yeah, I definitely didn’t know that about the Philly pro team from 1925. Crazy how a simple decision made so long ago has played such a huge role in our modern-day sports scene.

However, I don’t think all of California is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors.

But what’s cool is that the Warriors could be playing in Philadelphia in the NBA Finals this year.

And that end’s todays “the more you know” moment.

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