2019 NBA Draft: 247Sports’ Final Big Board

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 Age 19 | C | Texas | 6’11, 220 | 7’3.5 wingspan
10 PPG, 5 RPG, 2.2 BPG & 72.8% from field (second-most efficient in college)

Strengths: Size, length & athleticism; rim runner; quick off his feet; reacts quickly to plays; good hands; moves well enough laterally to slide his feet & switch; late bloomer
Weaknesses: Lack of polish on offense; limited as a post scorer; pedestrian rebounding numbers considering his strength
Other Notes: Grew four inches from the end of junior year until the summer; Jonathan Hayes, his father, is the head coach for XFL St. Louis
Corresponding NBA Pick: Atlanta Hawks
As a Recruit: No. 102 in 247Sports Composite


11. NASSIR LITTLE | 19 | SF/PF | NORTH CAROLINA | 6’6, 225 | 7’1 wingspan

9.8 PPG, 4.6 RPG & 26.9% from 3 on 52 attempts

Strengths: Physical make-up; massive wingspan; athletic ability (38’5 max vertical); potential to guard multiple positions

Weaknesses: Consistency as a long-range shooter; ball handling; breaking down defenders off the dribble; feel for the game

Other Notes: Ranked No. 2 overall coming out of HS; MVP of the McDonald’s All-American game


12. RUI HACHIMURA | 21 | PF | GONZAGA | 6’8, 230 | 7’2 wingspan

19.7 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 41.7% from 3 on 36 attempts

Strengths: Physical make up; effective at the elbow; good mid-range shooter; work ethic; potential as defender; positionless basketball skill set; strength; agility

Weaknesses: Limited attempts from 3; just a straight line driver at this stage; struggles handling the ball; gets in trouble when he decks it

Other Notes: Native of Toyama, Japan; played just 128 minutes as a freshman in college

13. BOL BOL | 19 | C | OREGON | 7’2, 290 | 7’7 wingspan & a 9’7.5 standing reach

21 PPG, 9.6 RPG, 2.7 RPB, 57% from field & 52% from 3 on 25 attempts

Strengths: Ability to shoot for size; overall skill level; length; rim protection; mobility/fluidity; rim runner;

Weaknesses: Lack of strength; how will he handle being put in PnR; naturally gifted, but does he care about basketball?; competitiveness

Other Notes: Suffered a navicular fracture in his left foot; same injury that ended Yao Ming’s career; Michael Jordan & Joel Embiid both suffered the same injury; played just 9 games this season

14. ROMEO LANGFORD | 19 | SG | INDIANA | 6’6, 215 | 6’11 wingspan

16.5 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 2.3 APG, 27.2% from 3 on 125 attempts

Strengths: Physical attributes; impressive length; tremendous finisher at the rim;showed promise in pick & roll situations; isolation breakdowns; very good offensive rebounder

Weaknesses: Lack of killer instinct; consistency as a long-range shooter; catch & shoot jumpers

Other Notes: Scored over 3,000 points in high school; met with Miami & New Orleans on Monday; also visited Cleveland, Atlanta & Minnesota; didn’t workout for any teams

(Keldon Johnson; Photo: Matt Stamey, USA TODAY Sports)

15. KELDON JOHNSON | 19 | SF | Kentucky | 6’6, 215 | 6’9 wingspan, 8’8 standing reach

13.5 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 38.1% from 3 on 118 attempts

Strengths: Physically impressive; multi-positional defender; rebounder; fine athlete by NBA standards; improved as a shooter from HS to college

Weakness: Straight line driver; ball handling; struggled in pick & roll situations in college; consistency as a shooter

Other Notes: Ranked No. 13 overall & as the No. 3 small forward in the 247Sports Composite coming out of high school

16. KEVIN PORTER | 19 | SF | USC | 6’5.5, 210 | 6’9 wingspan

9.5 PPG, 4.0 RPG, 41.2% from 3 on 68 attempts

Strengths: Plus size/length for position; has wiggle off the bounce; good isolation player that can break down defenders; good (34-inch max vertical); natural scoring ability; difficult to contain in transition; very good finisher at the rim

Weaknesses: Lack of consistency; shot selection needs to be spruced up; ball dominant; worried about competitive makeup; is he willing to be coached?

Other Notes: Caught the eye of scouts at Hoop Summit practice team; No. 28 overall prospect in the 247Sports Composite Rankings

17. TYLER HERRO | 19 | SG | Kentucky | 6’6, 190 | 6’5 wingspan

14 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 2.5 APG & 35.5 from 3 on 169 attempts

Strengths: Shot mechanics; shooting ability; comfortable shooting on move/off bounce; has runners/floaters; effective from mid-range; using shot threat to help his middle game; size for position; overall scoring ability

Weaknesses: Strength; has a negative wingspan; there are concerns about his defense

Other Notes: Wasn’t ranked as a top 25 player coming out of HS; known for an elite work ethic at Kentucky

18. GOGA BITADZE | 19 | MEGA BEMAX | C | 7’0, 255 | 7’3 WINGSPAN, 9’2 REACH

12.1 PPG, 6.4 RPG, 31.3% from 3 in EuroLeague, but 40%+ from 3 in Adriatic League

Strengths: Ability to face the rim & shoot; touch on shot from mid-range & three; defense has made strides; good instincts as a shot blocker; quick off his feet

Weaknesses: Lateral mobility; worry about guarding in pick & roll situations; just OK as a vertical athlete

Other Notes: NBA scouts compared him to Nikola Jokic & Brook Lopez in recent conversations with 247Sports

19. MFIONDU KABENGELE | 21 | PF | FLORIDA STATE | 6’10, 255 | 7’3 wingspan

13.2 PPG, 5.9 RPG & combined 34-for-91 in 2 seasons from 3

Strengths: Impressive physically; very good athlete; mobile; quick off his feet; active rebounder; gets on the offensive glass; loves to get to a fadeaway off a post catch; good finisher at the rim; very productive in just 21.6 minutes a game; good touch; good lateral mobility; can guard fours & five’s in NBA

Weaknesses: Lacks consistency as a shooter, but there’s potential; lacks polish on the block; far from a finished product; shot selection

Other Notes: Native of Canada; didn’t have a scholarship coming out of high school so went to a post-graduate school; nephew of Dikembe Mutombo;

20. BRANDON CLARKE | 22 | C | GONZAGA | 6’8, 210 | 6’8 wingspan

16.9 PPG, 8.6 RPG, 68.7% from 2, has shot just 24 3’s in college career

Strengths: Rim protector; rim running; quick instincts; athleticism; showed good touch around the basket with floaters; impressive motor; moves well enough laterally to switch; lob catcher

Weaknesses: Skill level; got in trouble when he decked it; shorts arms; lack of posts moves

Other Notes: Transfer from San Jose State; No. 1 in nation in FG% (Hayes didn’t enough attempts)

21. PJ WASHINGTON | 20 | PF/C | KENTUCKY | 6’8, 230 | 7’3 wingspan

15.2 PPG, 7.5 RPG & 42.3% from 3 on 78 attempts

Strengths: Strong frame with wide shoulders and long arms; has significantly improved as shooter and now has range to perimeter; plus rebounder; high motor; tough kid

Weaknesses: Questions on defensive upside/role; not a natural rim protector and could lack quickness to defend perimeter; more of a safe floor than high upside pick

Other Notes: Big stock riser after deciding to return to college for sophomore season

22. CAMERON JOHNSON | 23 | SF | NORTH CAROLINA | 6’8, 205 | 6’10 wingspan

16.9 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 2.4 APG, 45.7% from 3 on 210 attempts

Strengths: Shooting; plus size for position; catch & shoots; shot mechanics; range; shot preparation; footwork; efficient; using threat of 3-point shot to get to one & two dribble pull-ups

Weaknesses: Lack of strength; just OK athletically; questions on what he defends in NBA

Other Notes: Played first 3 years at Pittsburgh; shot just 34.1% from 3 as a junior; Johnson is the best shooter in the Draft

23. KZ OKPALA | 20 | STANFORD | SF | 6’9, 205 | 7’2 wingspan

Strengths: Physically impressive; defensive versatility; good lateral quickness; ability to make plays off the bounce at 6-9; skill level at his size; late bloomer

Weaknesses: Shooting consistency, must prove he can make over time; feel for the game/picking his spots; only comfortable in isolations

Other Notes: Only offer heading into final summer before senior year was from UC-Irvine

24. DANIEL GAFFORD | 20 | ARKANSAS | C | 6’11 240 | 7’2 wingspan

16.9 PPG, 8.7 RPG & 2.0 BPG & 66% from the field

Strengths: Good size and length; has two-way potential; natural instincts as rim protector; good hands and touch around basket; rebounds on both ends

Weaknesses: Limited post moves/scoring package; not a threat to stretch floor; motor is inconsistent; lacks defensive versatility at this stage

Other Notes: Expected to be a lottery pick entering into season; stock slowly fell throughout sophomore year

25. NICKEIL ALEXANDER-WALKER | 20 | SG | VIRGINIA TECH | 6’5, 205 | 6’9.5 wingspan

16.2 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 4.0 APG, 37.4% from 3 on 155 attempts as a sophomore

Strengths: Size/length for position; versatility; has combo guard qualities; multi-positional defender; plays hard; secondary playmaker; very good in transition

Weaknesses: Shooting has improved, but streaky at this stage; takes wild shots when he attacks the goal; lacks strength; struggled in isolation situations;

Other Notes: Cousin of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander; native of Canada

26. MATISSE THYBULLE | 22 | SF/SG | WASHINGTON | 6’6, 200 | 7’0 wingspan |

9.1 PPG, 3.1 RPG, 2.1 APG & career 35.8% from 3

Strengths: Defense (Pac 12 DPOY); physical makeup (good size, really good athlete and very long); fits 3 & D potential

Weaknesses: Numbers from 3 dropped 6% this past year … still very mechanical; doesn’t have a strength on offense; he can create and get in the paint with his athleticism and handle but not a great scorer

Other Notes: Late bloomer who lacked serious recruiting attention exiting junior season of high school

27. DARIUS BAZLEY | 19 | SF | SHARONVILLE (OHIO) HIGH SCHOOL | 6’9, 200 | 7’0 wingspan

Strengths: Good size for versatile forward with respectable length and athleticism; physically immature frame with plenty of room to add strength; natural athlete who could play multiple positions if he hits upside

Weaknesses: Very raw and inconsistent; unorthodox shooting stroke doesn’t help consistency issues as shooter; has good vision but basketball IQ could improve; lack of experience and proven production are concerns

Other Notes: Originally signed with Syracuse; opted to spend last season training rather than attending college or G-League

28. CARSEN EDWARDS | 21| PG | Purdue | 6’0, 200 | 6’6 wingspan

24.3 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 2.9 APG & 35.5% from 3 on 380 attempts

Strengths: Athleticism; really quick and changes speed and direction on a dime; high level scorer; shoots it off the catch and bounce with range

Weaknesses: Score-first PG and has limited vision and passing ability; decision making as a passer leaves much to be desired; undersized, that said he has +6 wingspan and has a strong frame

Other Note: AAU teammate of Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox; shot 40.5% from 3 as a junior

29. ZYLAN CHEATHAM | 21 | PF| Arizona State | 6’8, 220 | 7’1 wingspan

Strengths: Big-time athlete with OK size but long arms and explosive athleticism; can guard multiple positions due to his toughness, length, motor and lateral quickness; very good rebounder and passer; known as elite leader

Weaknesses: Quick first step but lacks extensive scoring arsenal at this stage; stroke looks improved from season but has long been an inconsistent shooter; struggled with accepting role early in career but has made great strides in playing to strengths

Other Notes: Transferred from San Diego State to Arizona State following junior year; has always had high upside, just now coming into his own

30. GRANT WILLIAMS | 21 | PF | TENNESSEE | 6’7, 240 | 6’9 wingspan

18.8 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 3.2 APG & 32.6% from 3 on 46 attempts

Strengths: Physical strength; feel and IQ; skillset; very high floor; aggressive rebounder; competitiveness

Weaknesses: Lacks size (6’5.75 without shoes); fine athlete by NBA standards; hardly a threat from 3; low ceiling

Other Note: Back to back SEC player of the year; wasn’t rated as a top 100 prospect coming out of high school

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