2019 NBA Draft Preview Special: How to watch

Hungry for more analysis before the 2019 NBA Draft? Were the countless mock drafts and all the trade and free agent articles not enough? Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Analysts from every branch of the NBC Sports Regional Network will break down the possible outcomes of the 2019 NBA Draft on Thursday, just before the draft begins. 

NBA insider Tom Haberstroh will host the 2019 NBA Draft preview, with coast-to-coast interactive coverage. The special will stream live on the MyTeams app at noon and 3 p.m. ET. 


The special will be available on the MyTeams by NBC Sports App.

If you haven’t downloaded the MyTeams App, you can do so here, now.

How to Watch NBC Sports’ 2019 NBA Draft Preview

When: Thurs. June 20

Time: 12-12:30 p.m. & 3-3:30 p.m. ET

Who: Tom Haberstroh, NBA insider. NBC Sports Wasington’s Wizards Insider Chris Miller, and regional NBC Sports NBA analysts. 

Stream: MyTeams App


When John Wall’s and Bradley Beal’s playing days are over — whenever that may be — they both might be well-suited for front office jobs. To a certain extent, they’re already acting as high-level scouts, according to Washington Wizards coach Scott Brooks. 

The Wizards’ stars — who Beal previously said make up the NBA’s best backcourt — aren’t just scouting their opponents around the league. Players of all different levels and around the globe are on their radar, which prompted Brooks to ask the obvious question about the two relatively new dads:

“When do they have time?”

Brooks sat down with NBC Sports Washington Wizards Insider Chris Miller on Monday and explained how closely Wall and Beal follow basketball players everywhere.

“The thing I love about John and Brad — they love the game,” Brooks said. “You can call them up. It could be high school players, it could be WNBA players, it could be college players, it could be European players — they know them. It’s like, don’t you guys have a life? They know them.”

Beal attended the Wizards’ pre-draft workout on Monday, while Wall went to at least one similar workout in the past. 

Brooks specifically highlighted Beal’s ability as a scout and speculated about his potential success in the future, should the guard pursue that avenue when he’s done playing.

“Bradley can do it all,” Brooks said. “He’s not only a great player. He’s gonna be a great coach and a great general manager.”


As rumors of Toronto Raptors’ GM Masai Ujiri coming to the Washington Wizards continue to fly, the team celebrated their first-ever NBA Championship with a parade Monday.

During the parade, Ujiri made a statement that might hint at his future with the Raptors. 

“We said we’ll win in Toronto, we’ve won in Toronto, and we’ll continue to win in Toronto,” Ujiri said.

Fresh off a championship and a statement like that, it will be hard to pry Ujiri out of Toronto. 

The Wizards are reportedly preparing a massive offer to Ujiri with as much as $10 million per year on the line, but time is running out if Washington hopes to have a replacement for Ernie Grunfeld before the NBA Draft Thursday and the opening of free agency at the end of the month. 

Additionally, former President Barack Obama is reportedly trying recruit recruit his friend Ujiri to D.C.


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