Berks area golf, Monday, June 17, 2019

Results from area courses.

Leagues and tournaments

At Rich Maiden GC: Morning Locker Room: Front, George Faust, Rich Weigle, Larry Moyer, Rich Hartley, plus-10; back, total, Bruce Werley, Dale Fink, Bob Faust, plus-4, plus-9; Senior Points: Front, back, total, Bruce Weider, Jim Froelich, Dick Braucher, plus-7, plus-2, plus-10; middle, Bill Doganes, Dave Wentzel, Cliff Manuel, plus-3.

At Iron Valley GC: Linksters: 1. 305 (net), Ron Kochera 81-1071, Stiney Kruel 88-15—73, Mickey Schaeffer 98-20—78, Marlin Levan 101-18—83; 2. 307 (net), (Tie) Marty Buggy 89-16—73, Paul Eckhart 98 -22—76, Elmer Umberger 91-12—79, Tom Yashinsky 91-12—79; 2. 307 (net), (Tie), Frank Hlavaty 87-18—69, Dick Gressik 93-16—77, Will Shiffer 100-21—79, Jake Townsend 93-11—82; 4. 315 (net), Hee Mun 94-25—69, Bob Rathman 89-12—77, Frank Bartosic 93-15—78, Matt Ebling 100-09 —91; 5. 327 (net), Mark Fridirici 82-09 73, Craig Kramer 110-28—82, Tom Umbenhaurer 97-12—85, Dick Fenstemacher 105-18—87.

At Manor GC: Hoffa Team Matches: Terry Wright, Ed Caminos, and Chuck Treier, Front, back, total, plus-6, plus-9, plus-15.

At Bella Vista GC, Gilbertsville: Traveling Faders: Front, back, Alan Readinger, Bob Williams, Barry Avella, Ed Brombacher, plus-5 1/2, plus-14 1/2.

At Blackwood GC: Senior Team Matches: Front, back, total, Dennis Willard ,Jim Leonard ,Ken Kitsch, Stu Smith, plus-10, plus-6, plus-16.

At Golden Oaks GC: Buchter Points: Front, total, Larry Kitterman, Jim Gerhart, Sherwood Schoch, Steve Middlecamp, plus-6.2; Back, Mike Deloretta, Bill Moyer, Charlie Mohn, plus-6.0, plus-11.4. Age Shooter: Sherwood Schoch 85, shot 84.

At Green Acres GC: Senior Golf League: Front: Craig Moseman, Dean Sweigart, Joe George Plus-9; back, total, Hal Gassert, Art Speece, Jim Tumminello, plus-8, plus-14. Age Shooters: Greg Zidik 68 shot 68, Bob Santoro 81 shot 75, Henry Rulapaugh 79 shot 76, Jim Tumminello 75 shot 73.

At Willow Hollow GC: Monday Seniors: Front, Steve White, Rich Lopes, Les Sattazhan, plus-12; back, Rick McLaughlin, Bill Eckenroth, Richard Jacoby, John Bialeic, plus-11; total, Keith Fry, Scott Brossman, Craig Miller and Kathy Nester, plus-16. Age Shooters: George Bond 78 shot 75, Bill Barrick 81 shot 76.

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