Blues victory in Game 7 of Stanley Cup Final celebrated by ‘NHL ’94’

The St. Louis Blues are celebrating their Stanley Cup championship, 8-bit style.

After defeating the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on June 12 to win their first title, the Blues got the ‘NHL ’94’ treatment in a nod to the classic video game.

The live action from Game 7 was met with 8-bit graphics, including a star around the player with the puck, and the summary when a goal is scored in the top right corner.

“I played NHL ’94 a lot when I was growing up,” said Chris Benson, who goes by his nickname, Benstonium. “With the Penguins getting knocked out in the first round this postseason, my normally Pittsburgh-centric viral media brand needed to refocus on a different storyline. The Blues’ chance at their first Cup was a great story, and I wanted to create something fun that fans of that team could enjoy.”

Tweet from @Benstonium: I remixed last night’s Stanley Cup Game 7 as the classic NHL ’94 video game 😲 pic.twitter.com/03qStSDsc6

The video was also ripe with detail. The Bruins goal horn and goal song played after their lone goal in the third period and, of course, “Gloria” played in 8-bit technology upon the final buzzer.

Benson said the 90-second video, which had each goal scored at the exact time it was scored in the game, took him hours to make. He made similar ones when the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Cup in 2016 and 2017.

Tweet from @NHL: The @StLouisBlues Cup-clinching victory, NHL ’94 style. #StanleyCup (via @Benstonium) pic.twitter.com/SLcnKPDpOH

“Once the Blues took a two-goal lead in Game 7, I decided to get started,” he said. “The entire video took about 6 hours to create. I created quite a few videos in a similar style with Penguins highlights, including during their previous two Stanley Cup wins.”

The Blues celebrated with the real, three-dimensional Stanley Cup with a parade and rally in St. Louis on Saturday after winning the first championship in their 51-season history.

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