Club of the English Premier League have offered 14 million euros for the Dynamo Spragu – media

Клуб Английской Премьер-Лиги предложило 14 млн евро за динамовца Супрягу, - СМИ

Vladislav Supryaga

Beginner English Premier League club Aston Villa in the summer transfer campaign is going to increase due to the possible purchase of the forward of Kiev “Dynamo” Vladislav Sprage, reports

Club of Birmingham is willing to pay 14 million euros to get forward of “Dynamo”, says the publication.

Earlier it was reported that the leadership of Istanbul “Fenerbahce” renounced claims to Spragu, after the Kiev club announced the price for the world champion-2019 in the youth team of Ukraine in the amount of 13 million euros.

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