Tips For English Premier League 2019-20

The dust has barely settled on the Premier League 2018-19. Nevertheless, bookies and tipsters have already voiced their opinions as to which team will be the 2019/20 English Premier League champions. It’s by far the toughest league to bet on successfully. The number of title winners in recent years show this to be the case. However, we’ve got you covered. Below we highlight some tips for the Premier League 2019/20:

  1. Add th 2019/20 fixtures to your calendar

Get ready to download the fixtures for the 2019/20 season which will be released on 13th June. Here, you can get all 380 matches sent directly to your mobile device or desktop once they are published by the Premier League’s digital calendar. This will help you stay ahead of different games the entire season. The schedule will update automatically when matches reschedule.

  1. Take advantage of free betting data

Why get tired creating predictions while they are found in online sites such as sbobet mobile for free? Pay close attention to Premier League predictions which betting experts offer. This will enable you to have a more significant opportunity in making profits with each game this coming season. The free data is available weekly; you can get real-time notifications with betting tips from the best experts in soccer betting.

  1. Check on trends and stats

To improve in betting, one needs to use the stats provided by experts. They may give healthy patterns that can make your weekend watch very profitable. First, you need to check on the most common scoreline which is 1-0. This makes up around 20% of all match results in each season. The second score line is 2-1 on average, followed by a draw 1-1. Have these figures in at your fingertips while betting on the right score market, especially when two playing clubs go head to head.

Second, have a look at the most common halftime score. The most reliable result is a draw. This is only lucrative to a punter who identifies teams that specialises in late goals. Know clubs that scored the latest overall in the previous season as some teams average as late as 55 minutes before their first goals.

Third, consider the home advantage while betting this upcoming season. It may seem irrelevant, but according to statistics home win account for 45% of results in a season, draw average around 20% while away win is just over 30 %. In 2019/20 premier league factor in the home support. These are among the few trends that one should know while betting this season.

  1. Don’t underestimate any team

In every English Premier League season, we see surprise results nearly every week. Don’t over-rely on one team. Never look down upon strength of division teams. You may consider betting on the side that is others view as lesser teams. This is your choice, especially when they are playing at home. The results might surprise you.


Planning on the next set of premier league is beneficial in terms of making consistent profits. After all, this is why betting is the heart of it all. Many sites, including sbobet mobile offer a punter with the right tools for betting. Follow the tips stated above and be sure to win big in the 2019/20 premier league season!

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