Why It’s Time for an Indycar/NASCAR Doubleheader

Indycar/NASCAR double header
It’s time for an Indycar/NASCAR double header (Photo Courtesy of Kris Branch)

The idea of an Indycar/NASCAR double header has been bandied about for years, though a great idea it just has not been well received.. Well race fans It is time rethink this idea. Indycar and NASCAR are both struggling to get fans out to the track or watch on television and there are obviously pro and cons to the idea. In the past many race fans would say that they don’t want Indycar playing second fiddle to NASCAR, and vice versa. That’s just not the case. Promoted as a twin bill this would be no different then the time I saw Def Leppard and KISS in concert. Def Leppard didn’t open for KISS. They played a full show. I saw two awesome concerts on one bill. Why would Indycar and NASCAR be any different?


I do watch NASCAR from time to time though. I’ll watch Daytona and Talladega. I watch the race from Watkins Glen, and the roval race at Charlotte was very entertaining. The stage racing the points and the Chase for the Cup all confuse me though. I know I am not the only one. The green/white/checkered and overtime in NASCAR is all wrong. It takes away the purity of motorsport. I don’t mean to bash on NASCAR, I really don’t. These changes have not helped them. I was shocked when I turned on Bristol and it wasn’t even half full. NASCAR has some problems whether it be ticket prices, food prices, competing with other sports. Will a double header with Indycar help?


Indycar has been around for over 100 years. The horrible timing of Tony George starting the IRL in 1996 almost killed the sport as a whole. 1995 saw record crowds. Not only at the road and street courses, but also at the oval tracks as well. Phoenix, Nazareth, New Hampshire Milwaukee and Michigan all had packed houses.

Indycar’s loss was NASCAR’s gain. Fans left in droves, and it has taken years for them to come back and they still pack out the road and street courses. Outside of Indianapolis and St. Louis fans stay away from the ovals. Phoenix  Milwaukee California, and New Hampshire have all made a heroic effort to return to the calendar. Fans stayed away. Start times and scheduling are part of the reason, but it’s not the only reason. Ticket prices are reasonable and paddock passes are always offered. The racing is very good so what is keeping the fans away? Will a double header with NASCAR help?


What is the best race track to hold the double header? Indycar fans would love to see them return to California or Michigan. Many fans would like a return to Watkins Glen but that would be better with IMSA than with NASCAR. Rockingham would love to return to the NASCAR schedule. The track has never held an Indycar race at the venue. This could be a perfect venue for a double header. Fans in the area would love to see NASCAR return and they could be exposed to Indycar. How about a double header at Phoenix? It would help Indycar regain a foothold on a race track that was specifically built for them.

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