Autoweek goes 1-on-1 with Williams F1 driver Robert Kubica

AW: Are you still able to enjoy racing?

RK: In the end, Formula 1 is a tough sport. If you were racing with the others it would be more enjoyable but still, I have to remember where I was 12 months ago, 24 months ago and it’s still better than being at home watching the races on television.

On the other hand, I would say that probably I would enjoy it more if I had a chance to race with the others. Sometimes the races are very painful with the blue flags and managing traffic. It’s not an easy situation but it’s still enjoyable, although probably I would enjoy it more if we were more competitive.

AW: How have you found getting used to the blue flags (ones that demand a driver move over to allow faster cars by) because, during your first stint in F1, you were the one benefiting from them.

RK: It is something that unfortunately I’m experiencing for the first time. In the past, I think I was never lapped. It’s not an enjoyable experience and it’s an experience where unfortunately, it complicates your race even more because you don’t want to disturb the top cars, the guys who are fighting for the top position, but on the other hand you have to make it as smooth as possible for them but as smooth as possible for you.

The consequences might be not only that you are losing lap time but also you are losing tire temperature, picking up marbles so, often it’s a combination of being as polite as possible but also as smooth as possible.

Being on the other side when I was lapping the cars, so I know it can be painful for both drivers – the one who is doing the lapping and the one who is being lapped.”

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