NASCAR and the world have changed a lot since ‘Days of Thunder’

  • “Days of Thunder” is the biggest dramatic movie ever based on NASCAR and one of the biggest auto racing movies of all time.
  • The movie, now 29 years old, starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
  • While the movie is still a fun look at big-time racing, many details have not aged well and will make fans feel old.
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It has been 29 years since Paramount released “Days of Thunder,” a movie starring Tom Cruise about a racecar driver who comes out of nowhere to take NASCAR by storm.

After three decades, the movie is still a fun look at big-time auto racing. However, many of the details in and around the actual racing have not aged well.

From some eyebrow-raising casting choices, to the lack of safety equipment, and an early look at Cruise’s yet-to-be-perfected running style, the world has changed a lot since 1990. Below we take a look at the details that will make fans of NASCAR and the movie feel old.

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